Issue 1

Leaven Magazine

Volume 1
Issue 1

'The Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, till it was all leavened.'

Leaven is a bimonthly digital magazine mainly for and by young Catholics in Ireland, providing readers with thought-provoking material from a range of voices, talking about everything, and holding to what is true. Bringing a spiritual lens to the world, we aim to showcase a coherently and distinctly Irish Catholic vision that is kind and thoughtful, honest and faithful, balanced, relevant, and fresh. We are firmly committed to getting beyond stereotypes and stale talking points, highlighting that smart, young, curious, compassionate people – and especially women! – are integral to our Church, and helping their voices be heard. Leaven is for anyone who wants to grow a genuine living faith in their own life and become a leaven for Ireland and the world.

Edited by Greg Daly, formerly of The Irish CatholicAleteia, and Catholic Voices, each issue explores a mix of topics from science to literature, pop culture to social justice, history to philosophy and beyond, with regular features including scriptural reflections and round-table discussions on issues of interest and importance to ordinary Catholics. The fourth issue is available now!